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I have graduated as a PresentChild® Translator in December 2015 and am now fully licenced to practice. 


The PresentChild® Method

This method would primarily appeal to parents and their children but can also be applied in any other form of relationship.

As a parent have you ever wondered about your children’s behaviour?  Has observing them occasionally led you to the realisation: ‘this is so much like me’…?

Children mirror parents in minute details. In doing so they hint at and offer unspoken messages capable of striking a deep chord within in their mother or father. These messages aim to shed light onto the parents' blind spots or parts of themselves that are left unattended.

Those of us trained in the method will translate these messages and in the feedback session allow parents to gradually discover their true meaning.

The method is surprisingly simple; the powerful effect of the child’s message(s) can bring relief and motivation for the parents to move on in their lives and reach their full potential. I have witnessed numerous examples where the conclusion of this process lead to unprecedented stability in the family and where for example, a disruptive behaviour in a child entirely disappeared requiring no further treatment of any kind.


If you are interested to undertake such a ‘journey’ (or maybe know somebody who would be) please contact me. See special offer below!


The English name 'PresentChild' was chosen because of the various meanings attached to the word "PRESENT", all of which are relevant to and underpinning the method: 


"Children, by their presence, in their present state, present their parents with a present..."


How does this relate to homeopathy?

In the PresentChild® Method the homeopathic principle ‘Like cures like’ is also at work; in this approach your own child is the remedy!!!The consultation process is very similar to the homeopathic case intake and is done with the parent of the child. 


More about the method? 

Visit the following website: www.presentchild.com. I would highly recommend to any parent, the Book entitled: 'Present Child. A gift for you and your family' by Janita Venema.

Homeolinks Publishers-Netherlands ISBN/EAN 978-94-90453-060  www.homeolinks.nl 


Visit the facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/PresentChildGlobal/

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