Here you can find feedback from some of my previous patients.

If you have any feedback for me regarding my work, please don’t hesitate to let me know, I am always looking for ways to improve, but also love to hear of the successes that homeopathy and my other treatments have brought to you.

I have started using homeopathy about 2 years ago (when I made an appointment to meet with Pierre) and during that time I have found it very helpful and effective in relieving all sorts of symptoms. I have used it to relieve vaccine related issues on my son (5 month old then), teething pains, and just recently to help him overcome his really bad cough, runny nose, temperature, general cold symptoms. I must say how impressed I was when (with Pierre’s help) his symptoms diminished within one night (he has had bad cough for about 4-5 days prior).

I have also used it for myself, to help with my emotions, birth trauma, grievance and so on.

The beauty of homeopathy is that it can’t harm you, it’s cost effective, and quite simply it just works.

Homeopathic Treatment

A diagnosis and medication had recently been prescribed for me. But I wanted to understand what was underlying the dragging tiredness I was experiencing and I consulted Pierre. Then came the searching yet very safe enquiry. Only through profoundly sharing myself, my attitudes and my life, could a remedy be revealed which instantly increased my vital energy. Ongoing support resulted in a complete return to health and vitality with the assurance that I know where to turn if ever the need should arise.

Homeopathic Treatment

My son’s skin is so much better, it’s been a real improvement! 

Homeopathic Treatment

Just to let you know my son has been brilliant since taking the last remedy.  A lot calmer and happier.

Homeopathic Treatment

When Pierre first suggested I try the weight loss + homeopathy plan, I was sceptical to say the least. At 46, I was 11 1/2 stone and creeping up towards 12. The only diet that had worked for me in the past decade was low carb, but that hadn’t been working for a long time, although it did help to control my blood sugars. I have always suffered from hypoglycaemia, and it got much worse when I contracted M.E./chronic fatigue at the age of 26. 

I had heard positive reviews about the Carnivore diet, and so I tried that for two months, hoping that by cutting out so many vegetables I might solve my overactive bladder as well as losing weight, by eliminating potentially aggravating plant “anti-nutrients” like oxalates. However, the diet only made me feel more hungry and lethargic, and so I abandoned it and tried Pierre’s suggested option as a last resort. I have never been able to stick to a low calorie diet because of intense blood sugar dips, and usually I do not find that fruit fills me up.

The first three days after the feeding phase I felt very hungry and tired. I ate apples to ease the hunger.

On the fourth day I was out for a walk when I realised, to my delight, that I didn’t feel hungry. I also had much more energy than usual. Over the next few days I felt the following symptoms:


  • Clearer mentally
  • Needed to nap for less time
  • Woke from a nap feeling much less groggy
  • Felt a renewed sense of purpose
  • Was able to finish many jobs that I had neglected, eg. gardening and decorating
  • Felt more confident
  • Started to enjoy life more
  • Felt more creative
  • Deeper sleep
  • Able to get back to sleep more quickly after going to the loo
  • More refreshing sleep
  • Felt like exercising daily

Felt a new sense of enjoyment and satiety when eating strawberries, oranges, and apples.

For the three weeks I was on the diet I felt more “normal” than I had felt in years. I cannot describe how wonderful it felt to lose 1 1/2 stone in three weeks. I felt so much lighter on my feet, my thighs didn’t chafe when I walked, and I was able to fit into the clothes I’d stored for six years in the attic.

Adjusting to the third phase of the diet without the drops was tough. I felt very hungry and moody for two days. But the weight has stayed off. I had some drops left over, so I repeated the diet for a few months later, and lost a further half stone. I have maintained that weight, although have put on some belly fat over the winter. 

The first time on the diet I did not eat any fat at all. The second time I used some coconut oil in the cooking, which made the food more enjoyable. I lost weight both times. I didn’t have the same high energy the second time, but I did sleep well.

All in all, the diet was miraculous. I have recommended it to many people. Pierre was supportive and informative throughout. He is always sympathetic and helpful.

Homeopathic Diet Plan

Before I came to Pierre for a PresentChild translation, I had been looking for a kind of therapy that would target the root cause of my daughter’s emotional problem and my own mental health problems. I knew my mental health directly affected my child’s emotion because she watched, felt and experienced what I have been through. I was desperate , helpless and angry all time , I was desperate for my situation , helpless for not knowing how to deal with my daughter’s emotional problems; both of us became so angry with each other. The prolonged period of stress and anger had made both of us so unwell physically. My daughter became so unwell (she either got infection or temperature after getting angry each time. I felt my health deteriorated so much after getting angry each time. I felt I was a failure at being a mother and that it was going to destroy both of us …

But life has been turned around as soon as I started to do PresentChild translation with Pierre. He pointed out my daughter’s behaviour today reflects my own childhood experience that my daughter used her behaviour to alert me, love me and wish the best life for me. Through my daughter’s behaviour, I could bring my own childhood memory back which was the root cause of my mental health problem today; my depression directly affect my daughter’s well-being , also my daughter’s worsen emotional problem tells me my physical health was deteriorating . Now to make my daughter feel my love of her again and look after myself are the two priorities. PresentChild translation has been an eye opener to me; suddenly I don’t feel angry any more towards my daughter’s behaviour , I look at her as a mini ME, whatever her behaviour she is trying to tell me what’s wrong with me , then I should change myself.

I have been observing children’s behaviour issue for a long time as a professional and as a mother. Counselling, mental health ‘talk-talk’ and all other mental health therapies are dealing with symptoms, provide temporary comfort and no cure. But PresentChild translation targets the root cause of childhood trauma, childhood emotional problem and adult mental health problem. PresentChild translation is the only solution to target children’s behaviour issue and is a key to heal adult mental health problem, it discloses the myth about adult mental health problem today and provide a hope to heal adult mental health problem and physical health problem, digs out the childhood trauma and offers unconditional love by the family member. This PresentChild method is worth a Nobel prize. I am sure lots of parents out there are desperate and helpless like me. I hope Pierre would do group talk and reach out more parents and children. Words are not enough to express how much appreciation goes towards Pierre; he literally is saving Me and my daughter. With gratitude .

PresentChild® Translation

I have seen homeopaths several times for both myself and my dogs. When I saw Pierre he put me at ease and listened to my issues and provided the correct treatment for me.  Pierre is professional and friendly and would recommend him to any of my clients and friends.  Thank you!

Homeopathic Treatment

I hope this finds you well. I have been meaning to email you but part of me was hesitant initially with the fear of speaking too soon! I just wanted to email you to say a massive thank you for everything. I am so pleased to say I am back to my normal self, happy as ever and incredibly relieved to be able to say that. What I went through was truly one of the most difficult times I have experienced. It was an incredibly strange and difficult time, and you made me feel safe, sane and comforted at a time when I really was feeling the opposite and allowed me to try and make sense of myself. I am so grateful to you.

Homeopathic Treatment

Our daughter almost from birth had a problem with a leaky eye and with her digestive system. Because we had tried almost all natural methods known to us, we decided to try homeopathy. We received Pierre’s contact details from a friend and other mothers who recommended us this homeopath. We gave answers to many different questions about my daughter and myself. Pierre is very nice, sensitive and an attentive listener. Although we were not sure if 4 pills which I took, because I was still breastfeeding, will help her, we decided to try. The remedy was effective and appropriate and all symptoms have completely stopped. Pierre not only helped our daughter, but also gave us some remedy for our son to clean his body from toxins after antibiotic treatment, completely selflessly. We highly recommend him to everyone.

Homeopathic Treatment

After my recent recent session with you, I felt compelled to write a few words of thanks. I was very impressed with the way you made me feel at ease, and the way we communicated with each other. After taking the formulas that you recommended I feel better after only 2 weeks. I whole heartedly would recommend you to friends and family.

Homeopathic Treatment