Homeopathic Diet Plan

With weight loss being an issue for so many of us I have always been keen to help people with this issue. The range of information and diets available to us is so broad it can be very overwhelming. It is enough to discourage most people from even starting the process. In my circle of friends, I know many people who have tried and tested many available solutions. Sadly, many share the experience that after the initial success, they quickly regained the weight. I am now offering a specific and focused treatment which entails more than just taking some homeopathic medicine.

Our bodies require a certain amount of fat to be healthy, it provides protection for us and helps to counteract sudden fluctuations in food intake. The aim of this diet plan is to target fat deposits which are unhealthy and abnormal by combining a specific diet with a dose of homeopathic medicine each day. The beauty of this is you don’t need to follow this diet forever. Overall it lasts just 6 weeks. After the first 23 days, you move to a maintaining phase for another 3 weeks, which helps you settle in to your new weight.

The difference with this plan is that it enables you to lose weight faster. Additionally, when you stop the diet you are less likely to put the weight back on as you will have maintained the healthy reserve of fat, and thus your body will not react in the same way it does after a conventional diet.

Treatment Process

The treatment will last for six weeks in total. For the first three weeks I will help to guide you through the weight loss process and provide you with the necessary information and medicines. Following that, you will enter a phase of maintaining your new weight and again I will help to guide you through this process, regularly offering advice.

The initial consultation will include a health assessment as well as an introduction to the diet and a more in depth explanation about how it will work. This will take approximately 30-45 minutes. After this session I will also provide you with written information regarding the first three week phase and how to follow the plan. You will also receive a 50ml bottle of homeopathic treatment.

Following this, we will have a weekly session for the remainder of the entire six week treatment. This will comprise of a progress update, trouble shooting (if necessary) and further advice and guidance. Each session usually lasts around 15-30 minutes.

Optionally (depending on whether you would like it), I can provide you with a 120 page PDF file containing information about recipes and ideas helping you to remain creative and make the food more palatable in spite of the restrictions imposed by the plan. This will incur an additional small fee.

NOTE: If you choose to take this, the file and all its content is data protected and must not be shared with other people.

Treatment Costs

As previously mentioned, you can choose whether you would a document containing useful recipes and guidance to complement the diet plan which will add a small fee to the total price.

Full Treatment Without Recipe FileFull Treatment With Recipe File

The above costs will cover the entire treatment process including:

  • Initial 30-45 minute consultation
  • Weekly 15-30 minute catch up sessions
  • Full support and guidance throughout
  • Homeopathic expertise to complement the plan
  • Homeopathic treatment (50ml bottle)
  • Optionally: 120 page PDF recipe document