Weight Loss and Homeopathy

Weight loss is an issue for so many of us, and I have always been keen to help people with this. Several patients have included this as one of their major concerns, to be treated alongside other issues.

The sheer quantity of information and variety of diets available is vast and enough to discourage most people.

In my friendship and family circles, most of them have tried and tested various options. Sadly, most of them share this trend in results; after an initial improvement they quickly regain the lost weight.

So, where to start?

I am now offering a specific focussed treatment for weight loss which involves more than only taking homeopathic medicine.

This targets the fat deposits which are unhealthy and abnormal,  the surplus fatty tissue that sits on top of our normal healthy fat and weighs us down. Normal “healthy” fat  constitutes a natural reserve that our body needs to counteract sudden fluctuations of food intake, and is important for everyone. It is this unhealthy, surplus fat that we want to get rid of.

The treatment is a weight loss plan. It combines a specific diet with taking some homeopathic medicine each day. One big bonus is that you don’t need to follow this diet forever; it only lasts for 6 weeks. After the first 23 days, you move to a maintaining phase for another 3 weeks, which helps settling you into your new weight.

This plan is different in that it enables you to lose weight faster but when you stop the diet you are unlikely to put the weight back on. Your body doesn’t react in the same way it would after a conventional diet, as the targeted treatment has kept in place the natural reserve of healthy fat.

For more information and any questions you might have about this new treatment, feel free to contact me, you can find all my details here. You can also find testimonials, including those for the diet plan here.

I am excited to help you on your journey to discovering a new you!

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