About Me

I am a registered Homeopath and PresentChild® Translator specialising in the treatment of children and family dynamics. I am passionate about what I do, having successfully treated a wide range of ailments in people of all ages and walks of life and I welcome anyone no matter the health condition.


Originally from Switzerland, I have lived in various places within the UK for more than 30 years with my wife and three children, though Bournemouth has been home for the majority of that.

For much of my life I have been a carer and teacher where I have worked closely alongside children and adults with complex learning and social needs. I have used homeopathy in this work and witnessed many benefits derived from this gentle form of treatment, not only with children in my care but also with my family and friends.

In my work, I have drawn on Rudolf Steiner’s insights about the human being and when training at the School of Homeopathy I discovered many points of convergence between Steiner’s work and the philosophical foundation of the homeopathic approach.

In my homeopathic practice I combine these two sources of inspiration when seeking an appropriate remedy for a patient. When taking a patient’s case, I use both the classical approach in homeopathy and an approach called the sensation method.

What I have to offer

  • I am passionate about supporting people to maximise their potential; my aim is to offer my experience and expertise to assist them to improve their health and quality of life.
  • I am a great listener; patients are often surprised about how much they share with me in consultation, and of course everything is confidential.
  • I am very keen to work with families and children and to continue to serve children, young people and adults with special needs. Those I have had the privilege to work closely with for many years have taught me long lasting life lessons and about myself. 
  • I have also worked a lot with the elderly and would like to continue to do so; this is an interest which originates from the love I felt for my grandmother who has remained to this day an inspiration to me.  
  • I love meeting people and building positive relationships. I have worked for many years with volunteers from different nationalities and I am glad to observe that my practice attracts a diversity of people from many nationalities.