Let your (inner) child be your guide

There are within us sources we can tap into for guidance. One option is to re-connect with our inner child.  This happens to be my main aim as a PresentChild® translator.

What happens?

A parent comes to see me about a concern for his/her child, the impact it has on their relationship and more often than not, the rest of the family. The problem the child exhibits contains a hidden message. When its meaning is revealed to the parent, it is uncannily precise, and invariably points to an issue that has remained buried, often for years.

Children tune into this unconsciously and with the parent’s best interest at heart, they point to the issue that needs to be attended to.  They intuitively know that the parent is somewhat held back by it, and the child will stop at nothing to ensure the matter is resolved.

The translated narrative of the initial consultation, is feedback to the parent on the second visit with the aim of gently guiding them to the issue that their child wants them to be free of.

Once the parent connects with the problem at its origin, more insights can be gained by showing the interaction of the following sub-personalities in the story that unfolds.

The inner or pure Child: It dwells in the present, it just is. Like a seed, it contains all our potential, which is limitless. Our inner child is the recipient that holds all our dreams and aspirations.

St-Exupery, author of the little prince, had two unforgettable experiences at the age of 9 and 12. The first one had to do with flying and the other with an author that left a deep impression on him. He became a pilot and author himself. In these moments, a resonance with his inner child may have been at work.  We all have these moments when we feel ‘connected’ or ‘ in tune’.

The hurt Child. This is the part in us that has experienced a setback, a shock, a trauma. Even with the best parents in the world, life will have its challenges; there will be bumps in the road and bruises.

These experiences may be fully overcome and ‘digested’ as it were. However, others invarialbly will leave their mark. As a consequence, a child may change his/her behaviour and in time the newly adopted behaviour may become a default mode. This can have a profound effect with consequence for years thereafter.

The survival Child. This part in us, has the role to intervene and act in very much the same way as our immune system does when there is a threat of any kind. It can be fiercely active with the aim to protect the hurt child from further harm.  

As a child, I was bullied. My survival response was to do the same to others (for which I am still not proud to this day). At least initially, this was an unconscious reaction. Thankfully,  I was fortunate to have a powerful dream at the age of 12. When I woke the next day, I decided to put myself on the side of the ones I used to bully.

The settled self. This part in us knows about our qualities and skills; it is also fairly aware of where there is room for improvement. This part of us prefers the status quo, is averse to change and may be content to live in routine and habits. ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’.

In my work as a homeopath, I often ask people to describe themselves. I am always surprised how difficult this proves to be. It often pays off to ask what others say of you. The emerging picture often involves polarities of behaviours; e.g. Caring / Thoughtless, Confident / Undecisive, Good listener/absentminded…

The loving parent. This is the part of us that often steps in subtly if we can hear it.  It is that voice that says: ‘You worked hard today, You deserve this chocolate!’  ‘You know your worth and you have done your best, so rest easy’ or ‘Be spontaneous and do something that makes you feel good!’

It acts as a wise guide, reminding us to nurture ourselves, celebrate who we are. It often bringing to us new insights and also warns us gently when we spread ourselves thin! I have to think of my own grandmother, she had this quality. She just saw the best in each of us. There was no judgement. With few words and by her sheer presence, I felt I could just be.

On now numerous occasions, I have observed how a worrying behaviour in a child can gradually recede once the parent is able to unravel the mysterious message conveyed to them. This in turn, has a ripple effect on the well-being of the whole family.

I have had the privilege to experience this process whilst training as a translator. It was deeply humbling to know that my child acted as my guide and to learn about and resolve some issues within myself.

In the words of a mother I had the privilege to work with:

“The PresentChild method was transformational.  Although I have been to many different types of therapy before, this one was directly to the point. Pierre could pinpoint where my problems were coming from, which for me, gave me The Golden Key.”

To find out more about the PresentChild® Method that I offer, as well the treatment process and costs, see my treatment page.

Heartfelt and best wishes to  you and yours. May your steps and your decisions be guided on your life’s journey.


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