Homeopathy Pre and Post Covid-19

I have seen so much evidence (from colleagues worldwide) that homeopathy can play an important role and make a difference for those affected by Covid-19. In other countries (e.g. India or Africa), homeopaths and GPs are working together to help their patients. This has led to positive results and contributed to dramatically reduce the number of people lost to the virus.

In the UK, this is sadly not the case. It is down to individual choice to add homeopathy as a means to manage our health issues.

“It’s when we start working together that real healing takes place.”

David Hume

Homeopathic Treatment and Prevention

Many of us are really scared at the prospect of contracting the virus; the fear may be very intense. Here is an example of ‘overreaction’ driven by such fear/anxiety:

Whilst wearing a mask is something very important we must do to protect others, I have observed many people wearing masks all the time, including when not necessary. Wearing a mask, where required is of course a good thing. However, if worn at all times it may be counter-active. Breathing fresh air and keeping well oxygenated is essential for the immune system. So in environments where it is safe to do so, i.e. when social distancing is observed or whilst exercising or in your own home, shed the mask!

When we experience such acute fear or anxiety, the effect on our own immunity can be profound and lead to its depletion. Treating this anxiety and seeking homeopathic treatment is a very effective way to boost your immunity and protect yourself.

Keeping prevention in mind, consider the following: a healthy diet, taking vitamins (particularly vitamin C and D), adequate hydration, some (even gentle) exercise and oxygenating regularly (why not include daily breathing exercises), and more (see also previous blogs).   

Homeopathic Treatment Post-Covid-19                       

It is well publicised and a known fact that many patients suffer from post-covid health issues. These can vary from not recovering the sense of taste and smell, breathing issues, excessive exhaustion, etc. Homeopathy can also play a major role in the recovery phase which presents with its own challenges.  

For those familiar to homeopathic treatment, even a constitutional remedy, that has always helped in the past, does not always work. Just like at other stages throughout the illness, a more pointed approach is required (based on specific symptoms, concomitant and general physicals symptoms) and requires the expertise of a trained homeopath.

From what we know of Covid-19, this does make sense. We know this virus is changing, attacking different systems in the body and often moving from one symptomatological picture to the next.

Convalescence / The three ‘Rs’…

In our fast paced lives, we have lost our understanding of this important phase in the aftermath  of any illness. In my childhood, I remember my own GP insisting on it and the reaction of my mother… She knew from experience how difficult it was to keep her turbulent boys in the house… It is also difficult from a patient point of view, as we are understandably longing and eager to get on with our lives.

Many are driven by  the idiom ‘Time is money’. In addition to this, there is great uncertainty and worries about the present and future.  These combined factors  force us to move on, and consequently we often skip or shorten the period of recovery.

From an immunity point of view, fighting a virus or any sort of illness, is very taxing, be it physically, psychologically or mentally. Before jumping back with both feet in the thick of it all, it is really vitally important to allow the body to rest and fully recover. Just like after an accident resulting in physical injury, Recuperation and Rehabilitation is necessary to full Restoration.

To give oneself time to get back to a high level of fitness and health is often regarded as a waste of time.

I would take the view that the opposite is true; convalescence is an investment to protect and maintain our body’s innate capacity for health. Where possible, remember the 3 ‘R’s and…

‘Make use of the HEALING quality of TIME’

Quick reminder on homeopathic treatment for those affected by Covid 19

  • Widely gathered evidence suggests that several homeopathic medicines are required in quick succession and various potencies, irrespective of the severity of the case.
  • No quick fix or one treatment fits all!
  • Homeopathic treatment requires far more expertise and knowledge than the standard first aid prescribing.
  • SEEK Help! Don’t try to treat yourself with your own First Aid kit.

“The body is a self-healing organism, so it’s really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself.”

Barbara Brennan

  … and the aim of homeopathic treatment is to gently, safely and effectively direct and re-balance our vital energy to maximise our chances to do just that!

 Warm regards to all!


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