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Registered Homeopath – Bournemouth, Christchurch and Lyndhurst

Expert Homeopathic Treatment and PresentChild® Translation Specialising in Children and Family Dynamics

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Weight Loss and Homeopathy

Weight loss is an issue for so many of us, and I have always been keen to help people with this. The sheer quantity of information and variety of diets available is vast and enough to discourage most people. So, where to start?


I have started using homeopathy about 2 years ago (when I made an appointment to meet with Pierre) and during that time I have found it very helpful and effective in relieving all sorts of symptoms. I have used it to relieve vaccine related issues on my son (5 month old then), teething pains, and just recently to help him overcome his really bad cough, runny nose, temperature, general cold symptoms. I must say how impressed I was when (with Pierre’s help) his symptoms diminished within one night (he has had bad cough for about 4-5 days prior).

I have also used it for myself, to help with my emotions, birth trauma, grievance and so on.

The beauty of homeopathy is that it can’t harm you, it’s cost effective, and quite simply it just works.

Homeopathic Treatment

A diagnosis and medication had recently been prescribed for me. But I wanted to understand what was underlying the dragging tiredness I was experiencing and I consulted Pierre. Then came the searching yet very safe enquiry. Only through profoundly sharing myself, my attitudes and my life, could a remedy be revealed which instantly increased my vital energy. Ongoing support resulted in a complete return to health and vitality with the assurance that I know where to turn if ever the need should arise.

Homeopathic Treatment

My son’s skin is so much better, it’s been a real improvement! 

Homeopathic Treatment