Homeopathy in the face of the current pandemic

For years, the spread of homeopathy has been upheld and supported mainly by parents who strove to treat their children and family with the help of homeopathy. Today is no exception. Homeopathic pharmacies have been inundated by calls and orders from individuals worldwide. The whole homeopathic community is truly grateful to them all.

I am currently undertaking a study program led by one of the most prominent homeopaths in the world. This is an important and far reaching program, which has already yielded a lot of information to help homeopaths to understand the epidemic and tailor their response more effectively. This research and work is ongoing and producing more information day by day. It is being followed by around 3000 homeopaths worldwide.

Homeopathic prescribing / Stay safe!

If you or someone you know has contracted the disease, we urge you not to go it alone as you may have done in the past. The advice is for you to get in touch with a trained homeopath, preferably a registered one.

Why are we advising this?

  • By now, there is solid evidence, which suggest that in most cases, several homeopathic medicines are required in succession, to best help and support the immune response of patients at various stages of the disease.
  • This evidence is based on many real cases gathered from several countries around the globe.
  • It requires far more expertise and knowledge than the standard first aid prescribing we might use for a cold, a flu or any acute ailment.
  • No homeopathic medicine has been identified to work as a prophylactic. Any study, to ascertain if there were such a remedies would be unreliable as the action of the medicine cannot be methodically verified.

I felt it necessary to share this important information. My thoughts go out to you all, wishing you strength and courage to continue facing the days ahead in these challenging time.

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