Homeopathy in the face of the Corona Virus crisis

Even though things look very bleak out there, we must keep faith, and show what the human Spirit is capable of in such situations.

General Advice

Some of my patients have sought advice regarding the threat that currently faces us all with Covid 19. There is no prophylactic homeopathic remedy for it. But there are measures that can be taken in anticipation.

Firstly, a lot can be done together, which include following the recommended measures issued by our government. Washing hands, minimising social contact, isolation following the guidance we are given, all these are part of a collective effort which aims to slowing down the spread of this acute disease. This is not like in wartime as some like to compare it with. Social isolation was not needed then!

Individual efforts and extended to family

These include common sense steps, namely: eating healthily, hydrating well preferably with warm or hot drinks, exercising as long as it is permitted and not done in group, managing stress levels. The latter is not necessairily easy to achieve in the climate of heightened anxiety.
Regular intake of vitamin C, vitamin D and Zinc and some food supplement such as good quality probiotics, will also help to support and strengthen our immune system. To support and boost our immune response, happens to be the main objective of a homeopathic treatment too.

We are in many ways, very similar to plants. If the soil is poor, the likeliness for the plant to flourish is compromised. If however, the soil is well prepared, nourished and cared for, the plant will thrive. So, adopting the measures described above creates a solid foundation, which increases the chances of recovering sooner if we catch the virus.

Mental health support

It is only when you find yourself isolated that you realise the impact it has on your life. My wife and me have been working from home for several days. Reflecting on it, and discussing our contact with others, we have realised how precious a simple phone call may be. This crisis, tends to push us all apart, away from each other. I believe that every effort to stay in touch with family, friends and all those related to us via work, etc. is a healthy countermeasure that must not be underestimated. Only 10 days in and I have renewed contacts with people that I have neglected. I also surprised myself by addressing a long-standing issue, that I failed to address for some time now. These are but example of making turning a negative into a positive. What a story to tell later; Covid 19 helped me to resolve an issue which was a ongoing source of conflict between me and someone close to me!

What can homeopathy offer?

For those of you who have a homeopathic first aid kit, I would advise to go about it as you normally do and additionally, seek advice from your homeopath to confirm your choice of homeopathic medicine. This is no ordinary acute (see below).

Eminent homeopaths/colleagues around the world are, as we speak, working intensely together, to find homeopathic medicines that can help with the Corona virus.

The evidence so far, points to several remedies capable of relieving the symptoms and potentially increase the chances of avoiding complications. The delicate thing here is to choose the right one at the right time. This virus affects people in stages and there are medicines proven to support every step of the way.

I have studied the evidence (highly trusted source), based on real clinical cases from various parts of the world.

I am absolutely impressed by the team effort achieved by people working collaboratively from so many of the countries affected. This is the way to rally around such a huge challenge.  

I am immensely grateful to them and feel well equipped, to advise, prescribe and generally speaking do my work as a homeopath!

In line with the advice we are given, I can work and hold consultations on the phone or online (Skype or Facetime and, since many will be suffering from financial hardship, I am prepared to be flexible with my fee structure.

Please feel welcome to call or contact me via my website.

Here are wise and ancient words by Lao Tzu, author of the Tao Te Ching (chapter 55)

He who is filled with virtue is like a born child

He will not be attacked by birds of prey

Wild beasts will not pounce upon him

Wasps and serpents will not sting him

Viruses will not crown his DNA

Positive thoughts and best wishes to all.


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