Homeopathic Diet Plan

When Pierre first suggested I try the weight loss + homeopathy plan, I was sceptical to say the least. At 46, I was 11 1/2 stone and creeping up towards 12. The only diet that had worked for me in the past decade was low carb, but that hadn’t been working for a long time, although it did help to control my blood sugars. I have always suffered from hypoglycaemia, and it got much worse when I contracted M.E./chronic fatigue at the age of 26. 

I had heard positive reviews about the Carnivore diet, and so I tried that for two months, hoping that by cutting out so many vegetables I might solve my overactive bladder as well as losing weight, by eliminating potentially aggravating plant “anti-nutrients” like oxalates. However, the diet only made me feel more hungry and lethargic, and so I abandoned it and tried Pierre’s suggested option as a last resort. I have never been able to stick to a low calorie diet because of intense blood sugar dips, and usually I do not find that fruit fills me up.

The first three days after the feeding phase I felt very hungry and tired. I ate apples to ease the hunger.

On the fourth day I was out for a walk when I realised, to my delight, that I didn’t feel hungry. I also had much more energy than usual. Over the next few days I felt the following symptoms:


  • Clearer mentally
  • Needed to nap for less time
  • Woke from a nap feeling much less groggy
  • Felt a renewed sense of purpose
  • Was able to finish many jobs that I had neglected, eg. gardening and decorating
  • Felt more confident
  • Started to enjoy life more
  • Felt more creative
  • Deeper sleep
  • Able to get back to sleep more quickly after going to the loo
  • More refreshing sleep
  • Felt like exercising daily

Felt a new sense of enjoyment and satiety when eating strawberries, oranges, and apples.

For the three weeks I was on the diet I felt more “normal” than I had felt in years. I cannot describe how wonderful it felt to lose 1 1/2 stone in three weeks. I felt so much lighter on my feet, my thighs didn’t chafe when I walked, and I was able to fit into the clothes I’d stored for six years in the attic.

Adjusting to the third phase of the diet without the drops was tough. I felt very hungry and moody for two days. But the weight has stayed off. I had some drops left over, so I repeated the diet for a few months later, and lost a further half stone. I have maintained that weight, although have put on some belly fat over the winter. 

The first time on the diet I did not eat any fat at all. The second time I used some coconut oil in the cooking, which made the food more enjoyable. I lost weight both times. I didn’t have the same high energy the second time, but I did sleep well.

All in all, the diet was miraculous. I have recommended it to many people. Pierre was supportive and informative throughout. He is always sympathetic and helpful.