PresentChild® Translation

Before I came to Pierre for a PresentChild translation, I had been looking for a kind of therapy that would target the root cause of my daughter’s emotional problem and my own mental health problems. I knew my mental health directly affected my child’s emotion because she watched, felt and experienced what I have been through. I was desperate , helpless and angry all time , I was desperate for my situation , helpless for not knowing how to deal with my daughter’s emotional problems; both of us became so angry with each other. The prolonged period of stress and anger had made both of us so unwell physically. My daughter became so unwell (she either got infection or temperature after getting angry each time. I felt my health deteriorated so much after getting angry each time. I felt I was a failure at being a mother and that it was going to destroy both of us …

But life has been turned around as soon as I started to do PresentChild translation with Pierre. He pointed out my daughter’s behaviour today reflects my own childhood experience that my daughter used her behaviour to alert me, love me and wish the best life for me. Through my daughter’s behaviour, I could bring my own childhood memory back which was the root cause of my mental health problem today; my depression directly affect my daughter’s well-being , also my daughter’s worsen emotional problem tells me my physical health was deteriorating . Now to make my daughter feel my love of her again and look after myself are the two priorities. PresentChild translation has been an eye opener to me; suddenly I don’t feel angry any more towards my daughter’s behaviour , I look at her as a mini ME, whatever her behaviour she is trying to tell me what’s wrong with me , then I should change myself.

I have been observing children’s behaviour issue for a long time as a professional and as a mother. Counselling, mental health ‘talk-talk’ and all other mental health therapies are dealing with symptoms, provide temporary comfort and no cure. But PresentChild translation targets the root cause of childhood trauma, childhood emotional problem and adult mental health problem. PresentChild translation is the only solution to target children’s behaviour issue and is a key to heal adult mental health problem, it discloses the myth about adult mental health problem today and provide a hope to heal adult mental health problem and physical health problem, digs out the childhood trauma and offers unconditional love by the family member. This PresentChild method is worth a Nobel prize. I am sure lots of parents out there are desperate and helpless like me. I hope Pierre would do group talk and reach out more parents and children. Words are not enough to express how much appreciation goes towards Pierre; he literally is saving Me and my daughter. With gratitude .